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VIP Buyers Program

Thinking about buying a home? When buying a home with your Broward Natives Team, you automatically become a VIP buyer and receive this 12 month guarantee in writing– If you’re not 100% satisfied with your home purchase, the Broward Natives Team will sell it for free*! Read below for all the VIP Buyers Benefits.

The Broward Natives VIP Buyer program is a personalized concierge service customized for you and also includes the following benefits for FREE and NO OBLIGATION to buy a home:

Free Consultation on goals and your ideal home

Professional real estate consultant for guidance, home touring and commitment through the entire buying process

Assistance with obtaining a home loan at the best rates

Schedule property showings

Protect your interests at all times

Attend all home inspections and negotiate repairs

Negotiate the best price and terms

Personalized notes on every showing

Free home warranty to protect your purchase*

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter if you have previously purchased real estate or it’s the first time, managing a real estate transaction is complicated. Having the proper representation in buying a home is just as important as having the right accountant, attorney or doctor. A home purchase can be one of the most expensive investments you will make and having someone on your side is critical to your success.

It’s also important to note that not all buyer’s agents are created equal. Some will do the bare minimum. The Broward Natives Team have designed a specialized program to support and serve their buyers and it’s loaded with benefits and perks.
A Listing/Seller’s Agent: 
Works on behalf of the seller. It’s the Listing Agent’s responsibility to bring a strategy and marketing plan to get the best price and terms for the seller. Ninety percent of sellers use a listing agent to sell their home. When a buyer uses a listing agent, they lose representation as a buyer on that home. Some buyers believe they can save money by using the listing agent due to savings in commission. However, the seller and seller’s agent usually benefit, not the buyer.

A Buyer/Selling Agent: 
Works on behalf of the buyer. It’s the agent’s responsibility to look out for the buyer’s best interest. A Buyer’s Agent brings a deep knowledge of the local market which helps buyers make informed decisions. They assist in locating the home, negotiating the price and terms, and ensuring the transaction is executed among many other important details. If you were to combine all the small details a buyer’s agent does, it would literally be hundreds of tasks.
No, our services are free and there are no upfront fees. Our fees are paid by the seller via commission which are already defined in the purchase price when placed on the market. Although our services are free to you, we work hard knowing we do not get paid until we close. Loyalty is all we request but we know this will only come with trust. We work hard to earn this in a very short amount of time. You will always have the freedom to use another agent if we do not perform.
Not usually and not without risk. Buyers who think this way feel they can get the buyers commission lowered and given to the buyer in a lower purchase price. In most cases, this scenario is already prearranged with the seller in that the left over commission gets split between the seller and the listing agent. The listing agent will still have to do work for the buyer and rightfully so, should be compensated. The seller’s agent is representing the seller so when it comes to negotiating the price, terms, contingencies, repairs, and ensuring the contract is protecting both the seller and buyer can be a conflict. When they have to pick a side, the seller will prevail.

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