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How Does A Home Get Valued?

The most accurate and common method for determining home value involves an analysis of comparable sales. With this approach, recently sold homes similar to yours in size, age, and condition are identified as “comps,” which serve as a baseline for calculating your own home’s worth. Any differences in your home that would add or subtract value, such as location, updates, an extra bedroom or aging roof, will factor into the calculation.

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Can’t I Just Use An Online Estimator?

There are many things to consider and currently can only be done manually by a human. There are no online estimators that can reliably estimate your home but online estimators is usually where everyone goes to start.

Who Can Help Me?

Your Broward Natives team can! Our analysis provides a range your home could sell for. Depending on your goals and timing, we can discuss proven selling strategies we use with our clients to narrow down the exact starting price your home goes to market at.

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How Does It Work?

There is a three-step process for us to accurately determine your home's value.

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Fill Out The Form Below

This will give us enough information to get started. Your phone number and email are very important so we can call to discuss any details if needed. Your information is never shared.

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We Will Analyze Your Home

Using industry standard appraisal techniques, we will research and review comparables of qualified sales in your area and perform a detailed comparison report.

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Schedule A Meeting With Us

We will schedule an in-person meeting so we can do a final step of our analysis to review your home in person. This will allow us to understand the condition of your home and how it compares to others that have sold.

What Can I Expect During The In-Person Meeting?

During our in-person meeting, we want to get to know your home. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll then walk you through who we are and what we recommend as a sales strategy for your home based on your goals. We’ll review what things you should do (and more importantly not do)to get the most amount of return. The meeting will end with everyone’s favorite part - what can you potentially walk away with in your pocket after you sell.

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But Wait...

What’s The Catch?

There is none! Of course, we want your business and will do what we can to earn it, but there is never any obligation to sell your home with us and this service is FREE.