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The Island City

Wilton Manors, FL serves as an oasis of diverse cultures and lush green landscapes. Dubbed the "Island City," it is recognized for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community, rich history, and abundant recreational facilities. This city is truly a paradise for those who appreciate eclectic cuisines, flourishing arts scenes, and year-round tropical climate. Visit the city that never sleeps and soak in its charm, uniquely punctuated by its warm and welcoming residents.

The city stands out for its array of local amenities designed to cater to every individual's needs. From first-class shopping and dining options to outstanding health facilities, Wilton Manors ensures you're never far from the best that life has to offer. Delve into a culinary adventure at local eateries or enjoy a day of shopping at Wilton Drive, our central business district bustling with specialty shops, boutiques, and art galleries. Additionally, the city's robust healthcare infrastructure, including the Manor Pines Convalescent Center, underscores the commitment to its residents' wellbeing.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the variety of parks and recreational facilities in Wilton Manors. Experience the serenity of Colohatchee Park or partake in the family-friendly activities at Mickel Park. For nature and wildlife enthusiasts, the Richardson Historic Park & Nature Preserve isa must-visit, presenting a blend of historical buildings, wildlife habitats, and tranquil walking trails.

Wilton Manors has a dynamic social calendar with community events that bring people together throughout the year. The city takes pride in its annual Stonewall Pride Parade & Festival, a celebration of its vibrant LGBTQ+ community, and the Island City Canoe Race, where participants paddle through the city's waterways. With events like these and more, Wilton Manors thrives in community spirit and inclusivity, truly encapsulating the phrase, "Life's just better here."

For most recent demographic and economic data for Wilton Manors visit the US Census Bureau by clicking HERE.

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Wilton Manors
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