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Your Home Sold Guaranteed, or We’ll Buy It!*

If we don't sell your home for a price acceptable to you, we will buy it!
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Your Home Sold Guaranteed, or We’ll Buy It!*

Our Guarantee in Writing

How does the Guaranteed Sale Program work?

When you list your home with the Broward Natives Team and decide to enroll in our Guaranteed Sale Program, you will receive our written guarantee that we will sell your present home at a price acceptable to you or we will buy it. Obviously, there are limitations and this program does not make sense for everyone nor is it available for all homes.

Why do we offer this?

There are several reasons why we offer this program but the most important is to provide a level of comfort to you – the seller – that your home will sell no matter what. Also, if you plan on buying another home, this will enable you- as a buyer – to make an offer on that listing because you will now have a contract on the home you are selling.

Is this right for me?

Not every seller is under the pressure to sell by a certain time or anticipate issues selling their home. However, when these issues exist, and they do, it gives the seller another option. Some real estate agents claim this is gimmicky or bait & switch marketing tactics. We are completely transparent and want you to understand that this offer may not be right for you, but it does work for some by providing alternative and legitimate options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NO, this program is not for everyone. In fact, most of our home sellers choose one of our List it Your Way options, but still want to know what the guaranteed price would be.
This is the most asked question we get. Once we complete a thorough on-site examination of your property, we will perform a detailed market analysis to calculate our guaranteed price offer. Sometimes we can provide a price immediately.
NO! It's very simple... we will present you with the guaranteed price and the terms of the Guaranteed Sale Program BEFORE you commit to a listing agreement. Your home will then be marketed and hopefully sold for the most value possible, no matter what the Guaranteed Price is so you have nothing to lose.
No! Currently we only offer this on homes under $300,000. If your home is worth more, please call us to discuss – 954-990-0965
Sellers will not typically accept offers on their home if yours is not under contract. There will be too much risk for them to remove it from the market in hopes that you sell your home within an acceptable time frame. With the Guaranteed Sale Program, you will receive a written contract based on the guaranteed price. You can now use this contract when submitting offers on another home.

To get more information about our Guaranteed Sale Program, schedule your free, no obligation evaluation by completing the form below. You will also get our “9 Home Selling Tips That Will Maximize Your Profits when you register”.